About the battery of the battery in the solar power system!

In recent years, with the needs of scientific and technological development, the application of the battery in all aspects is also very wide, while the battery application has brought a series of issues, so improve the safety and reliability of the battery operation. Very important, do you understand for the application of the battery in the solar system, please listen to the explanation of Xin Xin Electric Xiaobian!

With the wide application of technology development solar technology, it also helps to save resources, but also contribute to the large-scale coverage of the grid. Since some parts of natural conditions are bad, existing grids are not perfect, and there is no more Electricity can be used, solar power system has got a larger development space in China.


At present, most domestic solar power systems are from the Photovoltaic Rooftop Mount Systems, the solar controller control function is simple, but there are some problems: the system utilization efficiency is low, and the solar cell group cannot output the maximum power; For the charging of the battery, the discharge management function is poor, the battery life is short; the controller’s monitoring and management function is poor; the system is non-modular design, and the expansion and transformation is difficult. These issues can improve the utilization of the solar system to improve the utilization of solar energy systems, and the maximum power output of solar components under different conditions is very important.


There is currently more problems in the solar power system and become concerned. In fact, it is because the performance of the battery is not well understood, and the monitoring is insufficient. The energy storage battery is different from power cells, industrial batteries, etc., it has the requirements of use: light-tolerant cycle, high temperature or low temperature resistance, over-discharge recovery performance Ok, charging acceptance ability, low temperature intermittent electricity, overhanging or overcharge, which is high for battery real-time monitoring requirements.

The solar power supply system mainly transmits the energy generated by the solar cell matrix of the conversion efficiency to 18% to the controller, and then the controller is generated by controlling the input and withdrawal of the solar module. And current is charged to the battery, and the load is powered by the battery, while at night or rainy days are completely powered by the battery.

The controller generates the corresponding floating voltage range and the multi-charge voltage range by controlling the input power board, and charging the battery according to the capacity and voltage state of the battery, and power is supplied to the load . When the voltage of the battery is too high, the output power panel will disengage the load to protect the load device; when the battery voltage is too low, the output power board also cuts off the load to protect the battery, and the controller also has reverse discharge protection, polarity Connect the circuit protection and the like.

The battery storage battery is the core of the system, the solar controller is a key control component of the system. The battery is used as the energy storage component of the system, mainly for power storage generated by solar cells and other energy mode.

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