LaLa’s Review !.. wow I am really thrilled to have been invited by Bingostandard.

com to write them reviews of the sites I played at !.. the manager at Bingostandard is an old friend of mine who was a fellow bingo player on a site back in 1995 !.. we met in chat rooms and became solid friends after repeatedly bumping into each other on site after site !… as my intro says I consider myself to be a “true bingoholic”.. and proud of it ! lol… I have played at land based bingo halls.. pub bingo.. church bingo.. bingo .. bingo.. bingo !!.. wherever its played I was there !.

The development of internet bingo meant that I could play bingo any time of the day or night and it took my “bingoholic’ism” to new dizzy heights !.. lol. After the initial thrill of all these new bingo halls popping up and signing up with each and everyone of them .. I soon realized they were not all the same !.. in-fact I soon realized there were a lot of “cowboy” sites out there just waiting to “rip-me-off” of my hard earned bingo-dollars!. I have since learned to be more selective and pay particular attention to the “site-policies” before I sign up with them… reading these polices has sometimes meant that I should have a law degree !!.. some of them don’t make it easy to understand !.. lol.. ( but then perhaps that’s their slots objectives ! ). So with all my years of experience I hope that my reviews will be of interest to you and help you to avoid some of the “pit-falls” that I myself fell into !.

I pay special attention to the sometimes “unbelievable” sign-up offer’s and “free bingo bucks” that are offered to new players !.. my mother always told me ” you get nothing for free in this life” so how can these sites be so generous!.. well I will get to the bottom of it for you and explain exactly what these sites mean with their “freebies” !

Well it’s not all doom-and-gloom out there. There are a lot of respectable sites out there who want you to enjoy a game of bingo and allow you to win too !

In my pages you will only find sites that I have personally played at and who I feel are “safe-bets” where you will be treated fairly and politely.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and hope that you visit me at  maybe I can help you to decide where to play!

Lala is a bingo-mad true bingo’holic !.. she has agreed to write her very own reviews forbased on her own personal experiences with online bingo. Please visit her pages to read the full version of this article and her other reviews .

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