Precautions for installing electric heaters

The usage frequency of electric heater in life is relatively high. In order to save replacement and maintenance, we need to pay attention to its basic maintenance, so it is also important to master the correct installation method and precautions. Let’s take a specific introduction to everyone. 1. At the time of installation, it should be properly connected according to the indication, and the device is properly connected according to the system mounting diagram. 2, should be installed in parallel to the exit side pipe of the device, so that the proximal end is an outlet and the other end is inlet. In summer, turn off the heater connection valve when not in use. 3, electric heater is portable heater  booting and exhausting, we recommend installing the flow switch to avoid drying the heater, affecting the service life of the heating tube. 4, the main power supply needs to be provided separately, the circuit diagram provided by the manufacturer, selecting the standard cable connection to be used in accordance with the actual situation. 5, the electric heater is provided with a valve, a pressure gauge and a thermometer to facilitate observation and controlling the working state of the heater; 6, winter, closed without in use, the electric heater opens the water valve at the bottom Open, put the water in the cylinder to prevent freezing, water heaters. 7. Electric heater entrance recommends mounting filtering devices, in summer, extracts the necessary inspections and cleaning of heating tubes. 8, control recommendations and host linkage, host heaters work signal, special cases can be set to a single manual control. The above is the precautions when the electric heater is installed. I hope that the above story can make it a basic understanding of it. If you have more knowledge you want to know, please call the company, we will be happy Serve.