What do you pay attention to in the steel structure platform?

What is the steps of steel structural platform to build? What is important to pay attention to the steel structure platform? How to build the steel structure platform can be more convenient for companies? The following is a desire to build a note of steel structural platforms by Hay Gris Warehousing Shelf Manufacturing Suppliers.

NO.1 Steel structural platform manufacturing process

Steel structural platform is first performed, lower, and cut, in the state And the processes should be required to retention and installation, the processing margins of the weld, planer, and milling level should be required to reserve and install. The rust, dirt, etc. of the steel cutting region should be cleared before gas cut, and the slag and splash should be removed after gas cut.

NO.2 Steel structure platform material

The surface of the steel structure platform is corrected, and there should be no obvious concave or damage, the scratch depth is not greater than 0.5mm When it performs air cut or mechanical shear, the edge is required, and the amount of planing should not be less than 2.0 mm;

No. 3 Steel structure platform aperture

When the steel structural platform is in the hole, the accuracy of the bolt holes and the allowable deviation should comply with the specifications. When the allowable deviation of the bolt holes exceeds the specification, the steel block can not be used, and the material material is used. The matching electrode is reproduced after rendering; before assembly, the parts should be checked, connect the contact surface and rust, burrs, dirt, ice, etc. within 30mm-50mm in the weld edge, and ice, etc. should be cleaned. The splicing of the profile should be carried out prior to assembly; the assembly of the member should be performed after the component assembly, welding correction, and the assembly order should be determined according to the structural form, welding method and welding order. When using a fixture assembly, the base material must not be damaged when the fixture is removed; the residual weld should be molded and flat, and the top-tight contact surface should have more than 75% of the area.

No. 4

Steel structural platform welding

When the steel structure platform is performed, the steel material, welding material used in the construction unit, Welding method, welding heat treatment, etc., the welding process is evaluated, and the welding process should be determined according to the assessment report; when welding, the welding core rusty electrodes and the solder shell that have been fused. At the same time, the welding wire, the helium should be removed before use; when welding, the welder should comply with the welding process, and may not freely weld the racing of the base material outside the soldering, and the welding angle is continuously welded. When the pad occurs cracks, the welder should not be treated without authorization, and the reason should be processed, and the repair process can be processed. The number of renovations in the same part of the weld should not exceed 2 times. After the welding is completed, the welder should clean the slag of the weld surface and the spatter on both sides, check the quality of the weld, should be passedWelder steel printing in the weld and site of the process;

Steel structure platform Grinding

When grinding the friction surface, the wear range should not be less than 4 times the bolt pore size, the grinding direction requires vertical direction of the components, the treated friction surface, before the factory should be tested in a batch, and the test piece friction surface is not damaged during transportation, and the rubbing friction There is no flying edge, burr, welding or dirt, etc .;

Steel Custom Steel Fabrication structure platform coating

Steel structure platform The rust should be carried out before the coating, the coating should be uniform, and it should be guaranteed to have no obvious wrinkles, the flow hanging, the attachment should be good; after the coating, the original number of the components should be marked on the component, the large component should be marked weight, center Location and positioning tags.

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